Congrats to TeeSpring and Fellow Sean Pennino

Below is a guest blog post from 2012 Fellow Sean Pennino, who began working with a startup called Teespring in Providence through VFA back in August. Recently, Sean and his company received some very exciting news, and VFA couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with Teespring and founder Walker Williams during this exciting time.

“Teespring Accepted into Y-Combinator” by Sean Pennino, Class of 2012

Two weeks ago, Teespring received exciting news– we were offered to join Y Combinator’s Winter 2013 cycle. For three months starting in January, Teespring will be operating out of Mountain View, CA for a coveted opportunity.

YC is a program that provides early stage companies with seed funding, mentorship, and unparalleled networking throughout the Bay Area. Since 2005, they’ve helped build companies such as Reddit, Dropbox, and Airbnb just to name a few. This year, roughly 3,000 companies applied for fewer than 50 spots.

The story of Teespring’s success is one that VFA strives to promote. After graduating from Brown in May 2011, Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton started building the company based off a website Walker developed to rally support for a troubled, student-favorite bar. Their motivation to pass on traditional career paths in favor of creating something valuable and personally fulfilling is the culture of achievement VFA hopes to inspire in recent graduates for years to come.

It should be mentioned that the fellows and staff are a big reason why we are doing so well. During a training camp challenge, all the fellows used Teespring to raise money for different causes. This gave Teespring a huge revenue boost, led to spinoff campaigns, and created relationships with clients that we are still working with. In September, Andrew Yang invited us to attend an event at the Democratic National Convention, which gave us great exposure. I’ve used the network of fellows countless times to seek advice, and Teespring has even signed on with another VFA partner company, Swipely, who is now saving us money on credit card processing.

The coming months will be full of experiences I could not be more excited about and grateful for. Getting a front row seat for Teespring’s coming growth will be invaluable for my future entrepreneurial aspirations. 100,000 new US jobs by 2025? Challenge accepted.

VFA Company Spotlight- Bizdom U

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Bizdom U located in Detroit, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio:

Detroit Recruiting and Development Leader, Maria LaLonde, tell us more:

1. Tell us about Bizdom U.

Bizdom U is an entrepreneurship accelerator that funds and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs to launch innovative, tech-based businesses that have the potential to scale. We’re a nonprofit that was founded in 2007 by Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans and Majority Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team. We’re on a mission to transform Detroit and Cleveland’s economies from being over-reliant on manufacturing to economies rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Startups that partner with Bizdom U have access to the expertise and network of the entire Quicken Loans’ Family of Companies, which includes over 40 innovative, tech-based businesses in Detroit, Cleveland and throughout the country.

In addition to Dan Gilbert’s personal support, Bizdom U has received significant funding from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan.

2. Name a fun fact about Bizdom U.

You might find us frantically creating vegetables from Play-doh or tying up our team members in ropes on any given day. Don’t worry, it’s just one of our crazy team building activities. And, the winners usually win fun prizes, too.

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Our ideal Venture Fellow is ready to roll up their sleeves and use their creativity and leadership to add value to our Bizdom startups. They need to be obsessed with executing on ideas rather than just talking about them. Being as flexible as a ball of silly putty is helpful, as there are so many hats to wear in the startup world, you’ll think you own a hat store.

They’ll need passion for creating something that will add real value to the world, and the tenacity to stick with it when times get tough or uncertain. Their curiosity, passion and work ethic are more important than their experience. But, they’ll benefit from identifying their talents and using those to add value to the startups they assist. That could happen by offering their business development, sales, graphic design, web development, or industry experience, etc. And, above all, they are a team player, sharing in the victories and the challenges together and encouraging their team to make amazing things happen together.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Every day is different, and it can feel like a roller coaster ride at times. Here’s a typical day, if there is one at Bizdom: Grab a coffee, cold-call potential customers for an hour, more coffee, brainstorm on ways to increase your SEO, pivot business model due to feedback from current customers; find out that you were listed as one of Huffington Post Detroit’s Top 11 tech startups of 2011; compete in an impromptu hula hoop contest with your fellow entrepreneurs; freak out because your website just got hacked; avert disaster for free by reaching out to the Bizdom network of tech experts; more coffee; work til’ midnight making amazing things happen for your startup.

5. Additional thoughts or comments?

Bizdom U offers two programs to best fit the needs of budding entrepreneurs. The first is Idea Generator, an eight-week part-time program that gives them the tools to break down their idea, research it and turn it into a business. It’s a great option for someone that has an innovative, scalable idea and wants to determine if it is feasible.

The second is Launch Labs, a three month full-time startup accelerator where entrepreneurs launch their startups while receiving hands-on expertise and connections from our network and up to $25,000 in seed funding. At the end of the Launch Labs program, entrepreneurs are connected with multiple investors, where they have the opportunity to pitch for the necessary funding to take their business to the next level.

Bizdom U’s goal is to be self-sustaining while creating waves of entrepreneurs and new businesses, and a whole new buzz in Detroit and Cleveland.

To find out more about Bizdom U:

Cleveland FB:
Detroit FB:
Twitter: @Bizdom
Cleveland Twitter: @BizdomCleveland

VFA Company Spotlight- TurboSquid

Venture for America Company Spotlight with TurboSquid, located in New Orleans, Louisiana:

TurboSquid is:

  • The largest library of 3D products for sale in the world.
  • A clearinghouse for digital artists to make money selling their content.
  • A place to find premium plug-ins for 3D software applications.
  • A forum for 3D professionals to exchange ideas.
  • A production tool to help digital artists more rapidly find, preview and acquire essential content.

CheckMate Ambassador at TurboSquid, Michele Bousquet, tells us more:

1. Tell us about TurboSquid.

The original idea for an online marketplace began in 1995, with New Orleans natives Matt and Andy Wisdom envisioning a world where computing involved infinitely fast CPUs, infinitely big hard drives, and infinitely fast network speeds, but it wasn’t until 2000 that TurboSquid was founded. At the time, there were some other sites around for people to exchange 3D models, but TurboSquid was the first to set up a system for artists to buy and sell them. That year, the company was announced at Siggraph, the largest computer graphics conference in North America.

2. Name a fun fact about TurboSquid.

The digital 3D models on our site are often mistaken for real items! We even have a funny video about it:


3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Passionate about computer graphics or a related field like game development. Love of creativity. Interested in coming up with, and discussing, wild and crazy ideas for expansion and promotion.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Come in. Brawl ensues in kitchen over bagels someone has brought in. Cream cheese everywhere! Meeting. Write some copy for a blog post. Nerf gun fight in next room, dodge a flying plastic disk. Look at sales statistics. Someone brought in one of those flying sharks and is flying it around in the hall. Meeting. Big argument with head of development over a new feature I want. He’s wrong, and I am going to prove it next meeting with a bunch of Analytics data. Ha! Chex mix. More work. Go home.

Additional thoughts and comments:

TurboSquid is a unique place. Most everyone here loves the graphics business, and we’re passionate about making the 3D world a better place.

To find out more about TurboSquid:

Twitter: @TurboSquid

VFA Company Spotlight- Benzinga

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Benzinga, located in Detroit, Michigan:

Benzinga is an innovative news and analysis service that focuses on global markets. Benzinga prides itself on providing original, accurate and timely global financial content every day. The service features content from industry experts and experienced analysts while also covering the news of the day.

Managing Director of Marketing at Benzinga, Sarah Knapp, tells us more:

1. Tell us about Benzinga.

Benzinga is a financial media company based out of Metro Detroit that currently serves over 3 million readers in over 125 countries every month. We      provide actionable trading and produce real-time tools to give traders and readers an edge that was once only available to the very elite.

Jason Raznick, a passionate entrepreneur, is the founder of Benzinga. After working at Merrill Lynch, Jim Cramer’s, and Tricap Holdings, Jason discovered a niche in providing actionable trading ideas. In the first five months, Benzinga grew to over 50k active members. Since then, Benzinga has accepted a 1.5M investment from Lightbank, the founders of Groupon and have been growing rapidly.

Jason and Benzinga have been featured on Fox Business, CNBC the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

2. Name a fun fact about Benzinga.

Benzinga is made up of energetic, fun-loving people who are looking to disrupt the norm. Our culture fosters creativity with a one-for-all, all-for-one attitude. The offices are a place where entrepreneurs can thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Starting the week with Monday morning meetings, the Benzinga team comes together to establish weekly goals and pass the “zinger of the week” football. This tradition allows the employee who was previously awarded the football to spotlight another team member who deserves to be recognized.

Each Friday we conclude the week by coming together and sharing the successes of individuals as well as the company as a whole. Other than the meetings, our staff shares successes by striking our Benzinga gong, serenading employees on their birthdays, and even partaking in some pretty competitive bake-offs.

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Our ideal Fellow has an insatiable crave to improve this world for the better. They see everything around them as an opportunity to change rather than just accepting things at face value. As a startup company we’re looking for someone who can contribute to the team in a big way by presenting their ideas, taking a project from start to finish and who is driven to succeed. We don’t want someone who wants to go to work, we want someone who wants to build, create and contribute to a company from the ground up.

Strong candidates should be familiar with the financial industry, have excellent writing abilities, be able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone and have a wicked ping pong serve.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Our team is made up of early risers, afternoon superstars and night owls. Starting things off with a strong pot of coffee, each day we strive to keep building.

Every day we are working to push the most unique content possible while creating relationships with new partners and customers. Our office is fun, yet busy and aggressive. Although we work hard every day, we always find time to bounce ideas off of each other and have a good time.

Additional thoughts and comments:

Life is too short to work at a boring company. Building at Benzinga is not for everyone. But if it is a good fit for you there is no place better to be. Carpe Diem!

If you’re ready for a challenge, have a real thirst to succeed and are up to a challenge, you’re someone we want to hear from.

To find out more about Benzinga:

Twitter: @Benzinga

VFA Company Spotlight- NuLabel Technologies

Venture for America Company Spotlight with NuLabel Technologies located in Providence, Rhode Island:

NuLabel Technologies, Inc. is an adhesive and printer hardware technology company developing innovative label platforms to help companies cut cost and reduce waste. NuLabel has developed patent pending liner-free label technology that uses an activateable adhesive to eliminate the need for the liner.

One of the founders of Nulabel, Max Winograd, tells us more:

1. Tell us about Nulabel Technologies.

NuLabel began as a Brown University engineering project dedicated to solving the “liner problem.” As the two-semester project came to a close, Ben Lux – a polymer chemist, Mike Woods – an engineer, and Max Winograd – a political science major, saw a chance to start NuLabel and invent an innovative solution that changes the way the world uses labels. NuLabel participated in Betaspring’s inaugural program in 2009. After Betaspring, NuLabel worked out of the Rhode Island Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RICIE). In the summer and fall of 2010, NuLabel raised over $1.5 Million from angel investors. In March 2011, NuLabel relocated to a 4,000 SF R&D Facility in the Knowledge District in Providence and has since hired 10 new full time employees to accelerate the development of its liner-free label solution. Since then, NuLabel closed a second round of financing and is gearing up for field tests with some of the largest end users of labels in early 2012.

2. Name a fun fact about NuLabel Technologies.

We have a bunch: Every Tuesday during the spring, summer, and fall is BBQ Tuesday where we grill lunch for the whole team in our courtyard. During the winter, every Tuesday is Bagel Tuesday. We screened Office Space in honor of Labor Day Weekend, and team members surf with our accountant bright and early on the weekends. Our mantras are: “It Takes What It Takes”; “Fly Low, Fly Far”; “Prove Yourself Wrong”; and “Have a Vision. Be Demanding.”

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Our team consists of very entrepreneurial engineers and chemists. We are looking for problem solvers who thrive under the challenge of developing an innovative technology to solve a problem that has persisted for 80 years. For a mechanical engineer, a background in Solidworks and designing electro-mechanical systems are the most vital skills. For an electrical engineer, a background in Altium and circuit board layout and assembly are the most vital skills. And for a chemist or chemical engineer, a background in polymer chemistry, adhesives, coatings, and polymer analysis are great experiences to have.


4. What is the daily office routine like?

Our lab is grand central station at 7:30AM, but we don’t have an official start time. We’re here early and work late, and we bring in dinner for anyone that stays past 6:30PM. The adhesive and engineering teams have weekly rundown meetings to go through projects and discuss any updates on product development.

 To find out more about Nulabel Technologies:

Twitter: @NuLabel

VFA Company Spotlight- Liveset

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Liveset located in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Established in 2010, Liveset is a digital platform presenting live concert events for the web and mobile devices in handsome HD. By placing artists at the center of their model and reimagining the production paradigm that exists around them, they aim to create a more intimate experience for their artists and the artists’ fans, all while raising the quality bar for online music content. Liveset was founded by Ross Hinkle, is based in New Orleans, LA, and is built by these fine folks.

Ross Hinkle tells us more:

1. Tell us about Liveset.

I was working for a private equity fund in New York focused on the media industry. I’d been working in finance since college because it was the best opportunity I had as I was graduating and looking for a job. As i was working in the media industry – trying to figure out where the industry was heading and what the opportunities were going to be over the next 3-5 years – it struck me that there was a tremendous opportunity in live streaming. Netflix was gaining enormous traction, as was Major League Baseball with their product, and most importantly, they were monetizing streaming with a subscription based business model in a very powerful way.

My question was – I know music fans who are at least as passionate, if not more so, about music as sports fans are about sports – shouldn’t there be a platform that exists for music fans to stream concerts live in very high quality, just as baseball fans were doing with Why doesn’t this exist yet?

So I did a lot of homework, talked to a lot of people in the industry, convinced a group of investors to back the idea, quit my job, moved to New Orleans, and founded Liveset… and here we are today.

2. Name a fun fact about Liveset.

We like to think of ourselves as an up and coming band. We’re scrappy, hungry for success, focusing on making great art and not compromising, trying to build a fan base one at a time, every single day… eating, sleeping and dreaming music and digital design. We’re also trying to create something beautiful. We’re passionate about our craft and are constantly trying to create the best content for fans and the best experience for how they consume it. We know what it’s like to start small, to grow one step, one show at a time, and to chase the dream of being the next big thing that fans latch onto for life.

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

First – a music fan. Second – a tech junkie.

We’d ideally like someone who understands that the future of the music industry is a vast wild west waiting for someone to make a dent. We want someone who’s just as passionate about making a dent on that landscape as we are. We’d like someone who thrives on the tech or social side of the web. We love the Internet and all the tools it’s capable of creating for the music & entertainment industries, so we’d love to work with someone who’s excited about brainstorming and thinking of new ways to harness these tools to help artists and fans.

As an ideal fellow: You understand that social sites like Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr, and Twitter are incredibly powerful for corralling an artist’s fans and for building a brand and you’re a big user as well. If you subscribe to Bob Lefsetz or Digital Music News or you dream of going to a Midnight Ramble – then it’s probably a safe bet we’re really going to get along.

You’re always trying out new digital products – you subscribe to MOG, Rdio or Spotify – hopefully Rdio.

You may even own a Roku, Apple TV, or Boxee box and have a lot of opinions on how online content will be consumed in the future.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

We have a combination of morning people, afternoon-ers and night owls – so there’s always someone here – we just understand that we each work at different peak moments.

We are at our busiest and craziest when we are gearing up for events – and you’ll be there first hand to see every side of the business: artist relations, web design, payment flows, marketing tactics, the technicalities of getting a camera to capture beautiful content that will then be sent straight to fans online. What we do is is a lot harder than it looks, but it is definitely just as fun as it seems from the outside.

We have our highs and lows and that’s one of the most defining elements of our daily routine. One day we might be on the verge of working with a top act or an artist that we’ve loved since childhood or nearing the closing of a financing round …. to literally the next day not knowing when the next gig is going to come or how we’re going to keep ourselves afloat long enough to chase it. You’ve got to be able to roll with the punches, but you will have the opportunity to lend your ideas and your expertise to make a big impact on a small, but very cool company with big dreams.

5. Any additional thoughts or comments?

You must be dog friendly. We have a 95lb lab named Hank who’s a voracious music fan and loves the company. He likes to hang out here – a lot.

To find out more about Liveset:

Twitter: @liveset

VFA Company Spotlight- Carrollton Technology Partners

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Carrollton Technology Partners located in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Carrollton Technology Partners (CarrolltonTech) exists for the purpose of working with clients to improve their operations. They utilize two main lines of business to accomplish this mission. To serve a broader audience they also create their own software and solutions as commercial products.

Their two lines of business are:

  • Custom Programming and Website Development: Whether integrating eCommerce and legacy systems or creating completely new internet-based applications for web and mobile devices, their Development Group can bring your ideas online and to market.
  • Systems Analysis and Network Services: Surviving is hard to do – surviving while growing is even harder. From security analysis to help desk to process consulting, their Systems and Network Group can help you get the most out of your IT investments and make IT a profit driver not a cost center.

Administrative Assistant, Stacy Toyer tells us more:

1. Tell us about Carrollton Technology Parnters.

In his engagements with clients,  Christopher Reade has had a wide variety of management responsibilities. He has taken control of his clients’ entire IT Divisions, worked within client IT divisions, and developed solutions without IT’s direct involvement on an as-needed basis.

As Carrollton’s Chief Technology Architect, Mr. Reade is involved in a variety of aspects of the company’s projects. In this capacity, he sets priorities and chooses key software vendors and solutions from both the sales and the production perspective. He works with the Vice President of Development to write application requirements, develop the application architecture, and provide high-level technical oversight on projects.

In post-Katrina Louisiana, Mr. Reade has been extremely active in working with various recovery agencies, both in government and non-profit sectors. In October, 2005, he helped found the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps which successfully used distributed technology to provide internet-based on-site case management for tens of thousands of families, a first in that industry. He was also instrumental in the creation of Louisiana’s Recovery Portal,, now re-named

He is the past president of the Young Leadership Council in New Orleans and currently serves on the board of several organizations including Court Watch New Orleans, the Metropolitan Crime Commission, the Foundation for Science and Math Education and the Louisiana Technology Council. He was the 2007 Liberty Bell recipient from the Bar Association and provides daily information via his Minute radio spots on WWNO radio.


2. Name a fun fact about Carrollton Technology Partners.

Each day we have a 2:00pm group migration to PJ’s Coffee for fresh air and refuel!

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Our ideal fellow is someone who is sober and focused and biz-school savvy. We’re free-wheeling and adventurous and unfocused – if we had someone who was like us they might spin out into orbit.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Mr. Reade spends a great deal of time with clients and potential clients. He has knowledge of all aspects of clients’ accounts and the work that is done. Clients feel comfortable calling him to talk about projects being done.

To find out more about Carrollton Technology Partners:


Twitter: @CarrolltonTech

VFA Company Spotlight- Federated Sample

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Federated Sample located in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Federated Sample is a market research technology firm focused on bringing efficiency and automation to sampling through the Fulcrum Platform. Fulcrum is the world’s first complete project management suite to give clients the power to seamlessly integrate multiple suppliers, increase productivity and reduce costs. Ranging from vertically integrated research firms to sample suppliers, clients who license Fulcrum enjoy increased efficiency and with minimal technology development costs. This simplified survey management platform boasts white-labeled routing and improved respondent experience all while giving clients exceptional control and sample quality. For more information, visit

Project Manager, Brook Bissinger, and VP of Finance and Administration, Christy Luquire tells us more:

1. Tell us about Federated Sample.

Federated Sample started when Patrick Comer, Founder and CEO, realized he could solve many of the inefficiencies in the Market Research Sampling world with a new centralized platform. The Company was incorporated in March of 2010 and has seen incredible growth over the last 18 months.

The company is venture backed with 24 employees and offices in New Orleans (headquarters), New York and Los Angeles plus satellite offices in Charleston, SC and Barcelona, Spain.

2. Name a fun fact about Federated Sample.

Federated Sample…

  • …sends King Cakes to our clients each year
  • …is known for our FED Lime
  • …plays in a company-wide Fantasy Football league. Winner gets an extra day of vacation! 

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

FED employees must be excited to learn a new industry and think creatively. With exceptional communication and excel skills, this person will be excited to dig in and soak up everything that is going on with our growing company.

We take calculated risks and think on our feet, anyone that is part of the FED team must keep up!

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Fulcrum is a web-based platform, so FED employees can work anywhere internet access is available. However, we like our co-workers and are inspired by being in the office and talking through the latest developments and improvements to the platform. Our office is relaxed and friendly and although all employees are focused and busy with their daily routine, we always find ways to liven up the atmosphere.

With headquarters on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, we often experience lively interruptions with impromptu parades on Canal Street, parties at Harrah’s Casino or HUGE cruise ships passing through down the Mississippi river.

To find out more about Federated Sample:

Twitter: @FedSample

VFA Company Spotlight- Detroit Labs

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Detroit Labs located in Detroit, Michigan:

Detroit Labs is your technology launch pad. They build iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web applications for businesses ranging from local start ups to Fortune 500 Companies.

With a culture of passion, collaboration, and innovation, Detroit Labs helps revitalize Detroit by developing a community of entrepreneurial inventors who produce cutting edge technology in the heart of downtown Detroit.

Co-Founder and VP, Business Development at Detroit Labs, Dan Ward, tells us more:

1. Tell us about Detroit Labs.

The idea for Detroit Labs had been kicked around for a little while then Detroit Venture Partners decided to run with it. The four co-founders were pulled from all different segments of business and technology to form a team. The four of us had never worked with each other and for the most part had not met until we started Detroit Labs.

2. Name a fun fact about Detroit Labs.

The team is constantly fighting over who gets to play the music and they also participate in team workouts called “Extreme.”

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

Ideally we would like someone with a deep technical background and passion. We are very focused on mobile so experience in iOS or Android would be ideal.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

We don’t have a daily office routine. Other than client stand up meetings, our guys come and go as they please, play loud music and have lots of freedom. As long as client work is getting done then it is very unstructured.


To find out more about Detroit Labs:

Twitter: @DetroitLabs

VFA Company Spotlight- Detroit Venture Partners

Venture for America Company Spotlight with Detroit Venture Partners located in Detroit, Michigan:

Detroit Venture Partners is a Detroit-based Venture Capital firm on a crazed mission. They back seed and early-stage technology companies who have a purpose.

Detroit Venture Partners’ purpose is to help rebuild the Detroit area through entrepreneurial fire. They view business building as a palette for creative expression and an opportunity to make a difference and change the world.

Vice President at Detroit Venture Partners, Jake Cohen, tells us more:

1. Tell us about Detroit Venture Partners.

Detroit Venture Partners was founded by Josh Linkner with fellow partners Dan Gilbert, Brian Hermelin, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 2010. We’re a VC firm by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with a mission to support the Detroit 2.0 movement of transforming Detroit into a Midwest innovation and tech hub.

 2. Name a fun fact about Detroit Venture Partners.

“Shatter Conventional Wisdom”. We follow that mantra pretty religiously and embrace entrepreneurs who are daring to disrupt. As a VC, we’re not here just to sign a check. We leverage our own networks and experience to help our entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business, from bringing on the right talent to building relationships with key partners.

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

We’re looking for energetic people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and can move fast with a small team. We’re very committed to building strong teams with family culture. It’s important for potential Venture Fellows to understand that joining a startup is not about a billion-dollar exit, but rather creating value together with a group of people they care about. It’s definitely not a 9-5 job. More like a “Live well, Work hard, Play together” lifestyle.

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

We recently moved into our offices at the gorgeous Madison Theatre building, a historical landmark that just finished a $11 million renovation project by Bedrock Real Estate. Our office routine has changed with this new move, but usually involves meeting exciting new entrepreneurs either remotely or in-person and balancing projects related to the Detroit 2.0 movement.

To find out more about Detroit Venture Partners: