Venture for America offers talented college graduates the opportunity to work for 2 years at a promising start-up or early-stage company in the United States.

Venture for America Companies receive substantial benefits, including the ability to hire a select Venture Fellow and access to Venture for America’s recruitment infrastructure.

If you are a high-potential start-up or early stage company in need of high-quality talent to fuel your growth, please apply below to become a Venture for America Company. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, and will include an interview and visit by a Venture for America representative.


If you are a company that would like to have a Venture Fellow working for your company beginning in August 2013, the criteria are as follows:

High potential/high-growth. Prospective companies should have the potential to enhance American competitiveness and job growth. Current industries of focus for Venture for America include:

  • Energy, particularly renewable or sustainable energy development, including green manufacturing
  • Biotech and healthcare innovation
  • Materials sciences, including nanotechnology
  • Information technology
  • Internet applications, including consumer markets
  • Education innovation, particularly application of technology

Companies that (i) employ innovative business practices or (ii) have demonstrated the capacity to create jobs and economic value will also be eligible to receive Fellows from Venture for America.

Start-up to Early Stage Company. Defined as a company that is less than 10 years old with fewer than 50 full-time employees. Exceptions to these criteria may be made for companies whose founders or senior leadership agrees to mentor applicable Venture Fellow(s) and ensure successful integration.

Effective Management. The company must have demonstrated leadership with the motivation to create opportunities for others.

Financial viability. Companies must fall into one of the following categories in order to demonstrate financial viability:

  • Clear path to breakeven; or
  • Recipient of financing that will ensure at least 12 – 18 months of operation at current burn rate; or
  • Founder(s) with demonstrated track record(s) and access to resources.

Preference for Companies based in lower-cost cities. Venture for America is designed to enhance the talent pool for companies that are not located in customary destinations for college graduates. As a result, preference will be given to companies located in cities that are not experiencing a net inflow of college graduates.

VFA fellows are currently placed in Cincinnati, Detroit, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Providence. Potential expansion cities for the 2013 fellowship include Baltimore, Cleveland, New Haven, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Raleigh-Durham.

If your company is not located in one of the cities mentioned above but you are interested in bringing VFA to your region, send an e-mail to


Venture for America Companies must commit to the following:

  1. Agree to pay the Venture Fellow $32-38k/year plus Benefits (incl. Health Care) for 2 years. Additional compensation optional.
  2. Pay $2,500 per Fellow to fund Training Institute.
  3. Sit-down with Company Founder, CEO, or Senior Exec at least once a month (e.g. lunch).
  4. Host one event per year for Fellows in City
  5. Point of Contact responsible for Venture Fellow as manager (can be same as #3).

The Venture Fellow will be expected to contribute to the successful growth and development of the company in any reasonable capacity dictated by the Company’s needs and management. The VFA Company will aspire to stretch the Fellow in terms of capacity and contribution as well as provide exposure, training and mentorship.


If you are interested in becoming a Venture for America company, please submit an application at

We will reach out to confirm your qualifications and to find out more about you.

Please email with any questions.